Thursday, January 28, 2010

Major Image Change.

Recently I had a major image change....I cut my hair and dyed it black.

I went from looking like this ------>

To looking like this ------->

Now, I had a very good reason for doing such a thing. Back a very long time ago, I had light brown hair which I always highlighted. Over the years, not only did I have to highlight every month, I also noticed my "roots" getting darker and darker. With this happening, I had to highlight even more frequently.

Now, as any girl knows, too many chemical treatments on the hair will damage it. The only proven way to treat damaged hair is to stop using chemicals on it, and to cut off the damage....hence, the new hair color and haircut. The lighter shade of black matched my roots, so I went with that.

I know this story has nothing to do with writing, but I didn't want to change my profile picture without explaining.


  1. Thx, it looks good.
    i think going that color was a good choice.