Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I am the Chosen One

I am the Chosen One

I work just as hard as everyone else out there,
I am a child that you will find really rare.
I will stand tall, and I will not drone.
I watch as others are rewarded while I sit alone.

'You, you, you, (skip me), you and you!'
That's what is said, and it feels so cruel.
I don't know what I did that was so wrong,
To be left out of every game, but I remain strong.

I don't complain, I sit and see,
Everyone else is called but me.
My hopes grow big at every game,
I just await the sound of my name.

I sit, and wait, and wait some more,
We are winning big by that score,
Would it hurt to put me in, just one single time,
I may not show it, but inside I am crying.

My insides hurt, but I sit here with a smile,
I would like to play, if just for a little while.
Players sitting on each side of me are picked,
Each time this happens, I feel like I've just been kicked.

I'm a hard worker, I do what I'm asked,
Every single thing, every little task.
Just give me a minute or even a second to shine,
I won't let you down, I will do just fine.

I thought I was placed on the team for a reason,
I've sit on this bench this whole season.
It's not a joke, I feel like it's cruel,
For me not to play because of some silly unknown rule.

I am a senior, and this is my last year,
You will see everyone in gym stand and cheer,
On senior night when my name is called,
'I' will stand with pride, and I will not fall.

Even though, throughout each and every game that I've not been called for,
I hurt like heck as I walk out that gym door.
Because no matter what, my attitude is hopeful and my mouth doesn't run,
And maybe that's the reason, God made me the chosen one.

Yes, God has placed me in this position for a reason,
I am to grow and learn something or another this season.
Even if 'I' am never played, or put out there,
This year I've learned that nothing in life is fair.

*This blog is dedicated to my daughter and to all of the other kids who are benched due to some silly reason or another.

Sometimes, life isn't fair, but God is fair. He will see to it that we are all rewarded for our good deeds. God will also open the eyes of others. If one door closes, them God will open another door just for you. Don't ever give up! You are the only one who can choose your path in life. Don't let anyone else choose it for you.