Monday, December 7, 2015

Special Place

Special Place

Shopping carts, cars start

Smell of pavement, hot and black

This is where I free my mind

When my calmness is out of whack


Old people, young people

Children running amuck

This is where I free my mind

When everything gets stuck


Windshield, steering wheel,

These views I can see

This is where I free my mind

When I can no longer see


Children cry, people sigh

These things I can hear

This is where I free my mind

When I am in need of cheer


Parking lot, parking spot,

This is where I am,

This is where I free my mind,

Anytime that I can.

The Return

The Return


The thoughts bring sighs, wonderful and calm

Cold heart vanishes, warmth replaces

The countdown starts, arrival to come

Memories of love, time, and places


The time draws near, wired but collective

Familiar face appears, eyes seek eyes

Knowledge of the past, remembrance flows

Warmth and light, replace dark skies


Misery dissolves, hearts beat in sync

Thick fog dissipates, night slithers away

Wounds heal and hearts sing, two souls complete

A wholeness engulfs, no longer gray


Knowledge of an end, does not flicker

Tomorrow heeds gloom, love will be gone

But for this day, today, after many alone

This day feels whole, feels like home.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

First Cruise to the Bahamas

This year we decided to do something different for vacation.  We took our very first cruise.  We traveled to Jacksonville, FL on the 12th and stayed the night at Hampton Inn.  Then we boarded the Carnival Fascination cruise ship on the 13th for a five night cruise to the Bahamas, Nassau and Freeport.

The drive to Jacksonville, Florida took us about 10 hours, more or less.  The kids were lucky and slept part of the way.

I knew we were passing through Georgia when we passed this.  

I knew we were getting close to Florida when the outside temperature was 102 degrees!

We stopped to get some drinks and food from a Wendy's about 10 minutes before Florida.  I felt like my flip flops were melting to the hard top.

In order to get to Jacksonville Beach, Florida, we had to cross a big bridge.

We arrived at the hotel in Jacksonville.  I had reserved an oceanfront balcony room, but instead they put me on the bottom floor with an oceanfront patio.  My nice view of the ocean from a seated position on my "balcony" patio.

It was alright though, because when I stood up, this was my view.  And there was a path that led straight to the beach right in front of me. :)

We decided to head to the beach of course. :)

After that, we ate a bite at the hotel, overlooking the beach and ocean.

Then we walked back down to the beach before the sun disappeared.

Pier on Jacksonville Beach
Someone fishing on the beach.

The next morning, while the kids were still asleep, we walked the beach to see what we could find.

Sunrise on the ocean :)

Seagulls were storming the beach for leftovers.

Well, it was time to board our cruise, Monday, 13th.  I had never been on a cruise before so I was a little intimidated.  I had all of paperwork, and we boarded the ship.  I figured it would have been a hassle to get on board, but it only took us about 20 minutes.  They told us our room would be ready at 12:30, so we had time to get us a bite to eat before finding our room.

Food.  There was so many different things to choose from!  I just got a little bit to begin with.  

They had plenty of food to choose from!  All different types!

They had plenty of drinks too. 

Here are random pics of the ship.  We had a balcony room.

Before sailing off, those crates at the bottom, are the ship's stock of eggs!  They are being loaded on board.

Every evening, we would come back to a different towel animal.  

Abby laying on top of the ship. :)

Panoramic view

Made it to the Bahamas!!!!!

Bahamas port

Bahamas port


In Nassau, Bahamas, we took an excursion called the Catamaran Sail and Snorkel. We got on a Catamaran, which was a boat that was about 80 feet long and 45 feet wide.  The front half of it had a netting bottom.  We sailed to reef and jumped in and snorkeled for about 45 minutes or a little longer.  I was tired by then.  We got to see many different fish.  I even saw some as big as me.  I wish I could have taken pics.  But here are some from the Catamaran.  We also got free rum punch on the way back :)

The next day, in Freeport, Bahamas, we took an excursion to the beach.  Thank Alex for bringing his underwater camera this time. :)

Panoramic view of the beach on Freeport.  We had a nice ride there on a tour bus.  The driver was named Jack and he explained some history of Freeport on the trip.  It was cool.

Abby in the white sand :)

Another pic of Abby relaxing

Well, the last full day on the ship, a full rainbow appeared!  :)

I am so sad that this vacation is over.  I can not wait to go again!