About Me

I have lived in the mountains of eastern Kentucky all of my life. (I'm not sure as to whether I should state that I am a hillbilly, as some people may think the worst, so I will not mention it here). I am a mother to 3 children and I love to read. I can usually devour a book in hours, depending upon the size and the free time that I have.
I have so many stories stuck in my head that I just need to go ahead and put them down on paper. I graduated with my BSN this past year.  I currently work at a medical center doing something I love to do.
Adventures, mysteries, and any books that have travel in them are my favorites. I also like reading science fiction and fantasy books. I can remember the very first book that I checked out of the public library. I was nine years old and I selected 'The Secret Garden'. After I read that book, I just had to feed my mind with more. I was reading biographies all through grade school, and graduated to novels by the seventh grade. In Junior High, I read all of the Stephen King books that were available at that time. I read more quickly than others, so I can usually read a novel straight through in a couple of hours. I do not watch television very often, I read instead.  I love my Kindle!
I guess that is enough about my reading habits. Sometimes, when I get started on a subject, I just tend to go on and on, sorry about that.
Feel free to contact me at zmdreamer10@gmail.com