Thursday, May 21, 2015

In five years, I have accomplished many things.

It has been five years since I have last posted.  A lot of things can happen in five years.  I started and finished college!  I graduated with an associate's degree in nursing in 2013.  Then, I worked as a nurse while studying for my bachelor's degree.  I completed that two weeks ago.  I now have my BSN at the age of 40.

The one thing I learned about nursing school is that there was absolutely no time for anything else.  I am not kidding.  Sometimes, there was not enough time to even sleep.  You see, nurses must know everything there is to know about health and disease.  That way, we understand why physicians order tests, labs, and medications.  We also need to know every class of drug, their uses, side effects, and drug interactions because it is our job to assess for these things.  All of this vast information was crammed into two years of studying.  That is a lot of information to absorb, so yeah, there was no time for anything else, even writing.  Unless you count many, many research papers on evidence-based practice.  Which, I will not get into at this moment because I never want to have to do those again.

The thing about college is that it broadened my knowledge.  I had so many different stories I wanted to write before college, but I just did not have enough knowledge of the subjects in order to complete them.  I now have some of that knowledge.  During my bachelor's degree program, I chose electives in writing.  Those were my favorite classes.  I have many short stories I have written in those classes.  I will post a few at a later time.

I am just glad to be back in the writing saddle again!

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