Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Have Never Been on a Train.

My morning routine consists of getting my children up and ready for school, driving them down to the bus stop, and then I return home to a cup of coffee and to my computer to check my email, messages, and of course Twitter.

At first, I really had no clue as to what Twitter was used for. One of my daughters has a Twitter account, so being a concerned mother I established my own Twitter account and followed her to make sure it was safe. I then realized after a day or two what Twitter was and how it worked. I added some people, some people added me, and then I started tweeting and reading tweets.

I like reading about what people are doing, especially those who are traveling. You see, I have never been on a train, subway, plane, taxi, or a bus. So, I like reading about those who travel in these ways. It is like an adventure for me. I don't have the foggiest idea of how to transfer between planes, or how to hail a taxi other than what I've seen on the television. I have no idea what a layover is. One day I will find out and it will be my very own adventure.

With that said, I may never have used those types of transportation before, but I have rode on a mine car that went back into a deep dark mines. I have also ridden a goat on accident (don't ever listen to your older brother who insists you sit on the goat to hold it down while he milks it). When I was a child, I even rode a tree. Sure did! My friend's brother tied a rope to the top of this tree, pulled the top of the tree down toward the ground and when it was low enough, I got right on there and held on with my life when he let go. I was flinged back and forth for just a few seconds, but it sure was fun!

Let's see, hmmm, I also rode on the back of a car hood down a snowy hill, used it as a sleigh. It was dangerous though, because one time there were a bunch of us piled on it and someone fell off and had to get stitches. Needless to say, the adults made us stop riding on it after that. We kind of sneaked and did it anyways though.

I rode a spaceship when I was six! My brother made it for me out of a cardboard box. He even drew controls and buttons on the wall of it with crayons! I would climb inside and he would close the flaps. He would do the countdown and when it was time to blast off, he would shake that box as if I truly were flying high into the sky!

I have never been on a train, subway, plane, taxi, or a bus. However, I have ridden a goat, mine car, spaceship (even though it was pretend), and a car hood among other things. What have you ridden?


  1. a horse, goat, boat, four-wheeler, motorcycle, monster truck, jet ski, mud slide, rock slide, train, plane, taxi, bus, bicycle, skate board, snow board, sled, horse cart, hand cart, car, dune buggy, snow mobile... and probably a lot more if my brain worked better.
    I am glad to have found this blog. Even though you are just starting, keep it up. I started my Blog to get advice on writing and in doing so i have found a few good people to help me on my journey.
    it helps when you have good poster, keep it up..