Thursday, April 29, 2010

Goal of Writing

In order to write, you need to have a goal. I'm not talking about word count goal, or anything like that. I mean a long-term goal. Why are you writing? Answer that question, and you will figure out what your goal is. If you don't aim toward your goal, you will get sidetracked and complicate the simple things.

Today's unusual word and definition: logorrhea log-uh-RI-uh, n an excessive flow of words, prolixity


  1. I am writing because I have to, the story is in my head and most come out... not sure where or what I will do once I complete my first novel. And by complete, I don't necessarily mean published. I mean, I did it to the best of my ability, I rewrote it as many times as I had too... until I did the best I could and the story was complete, so complete I could not expound upon it.

    Once that day occurs, I am not sure if I will ever write again. If a story consumes me and I don't have a choice but to write about it, then I will. But it's something I can't control--the story must be told, I am just a tool to bring it out.

    If I had to create the story or come up with it in any way, I probably wouldn't be writing--it's just too much work and lots and lots of learning.

    Thx, and I wish you success as well.

    May all our hard work pay off.

  2. Jeff, it is awesome that you have the story stuck in your head instead of you trying to create one. That, to me, is a true story teller and/or writer.