Friday, January 22, 2010

Some Interesting Hashtags

Over the past couple of days, two hashtags on Twitter have attracted my attention. The first one is #storystarters. There have been a couple of tweets on this hashtag that I really wanted to know how the rest of the story would end. The application that I use with Twitter is TweetDeck. I have several columns that I keep on there at all times and #storystarters has inherited its own column.

The second hashtag is #thingsishouldnotseeinaquery. @colleenlindsay posted some great stuff through this hashtag that I will try not to do. I follow @colleenlindsay, not only because she is a literary agent, but because she tells it how it is and she does make me chuckle. When I started tweeting through TweetDeck, I made a column labeled 'Favs'. This column has a few choice tweeters (including @colleenlindsay) who grabbed my attention with their inspiring tweets.

The hashtags that I posted above were placed at the end of sentences. Searching for these hashtags requires no period at the end of them.

It's Friday night and the weekend is just starting, so have a great weekend!


  1. Writing this blog made me wonder if tweets and tweeters should have been Tweets and Tweeters. Anyone?

  2. Good question, I would say Tweets and Tweeters. But my opinion hold little weight, or knowledge.
    I don't use Twitter or Facebook, it's just something I haven’t found an interest in doing.

    Either way I love to read what you write, I find it very interesting.