Friday, January 29, 2010

I Am a Writer After All!

Over the past year or so, I've forgotten how to write. Well, not really forgotten, I just got lost a little bit. I used to write whatever came from my imagination, no matter what it was, as long as it laid out the story. My way of writing changed because I researched the art of writing. I read posts, blogs, how-to websites, and all of that good stuff. It actually made me doubt my writing. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of great information out there and most of it helped me, but it also made me a different writer. Now, every time I write a sentence, all of that information constantly buzzes through my mind and I doubt everything that I write. I keep thinking that I need more details, or I shouldn't use that word but another synonym of the word. I even got to the point that I thought I couldn't write at all. I was confused.

I know that I am not grammatically correct at times. I can't come up with great synonyms like others can, and I don't know these huge-long words. But, I know simple words. Everyone knows simple words, so I don't understand what the problem would be if I never used a thesaurus while writing. If my readers can understand what I mean, then why would I have to change the way I write, as long it worked and the story captured them?

This morning, with the help of a blog by Jeff King and a blog by Billy Coffey, I realized that I am a writer. I just have to bring the writer in me back out and throw away the negative me.


  1. Stephen King book “on Writing" and strunk and white book called "elements of style"
    These two books are must reads for any aspiring author.
    Thx for visiting my blog, if I helped in any that makes me happy. I am grateful to help any way I can in the future.
    I’ll back and comment further.

  2. Sorry I was in a hurry earlier; I sure hope an Ahh-ha moment happens for you. That is so liberating when your mind finally understands how to write the way your heart wants, or when you learn to write without effort.
    Save the line by line editing until the revision stage and that should come after you have completed a manuscript in rough draft form.
    If you make the mistakes I did, like doing it before you’re complete with the rough draft, you asking for triple the work and ten times the headaches.
    I have no doubt if you want it bad enough you’ll find your way. Just remember writing is not about how many long or complicated words you use… it’s about how well you convey your story to the reader, so the world you’re trying to make is so vivid and alluring the reader can’t put your work down.
    In fact I bet the simpler the verbiage; the easier the reader can connect to the story, because it flows better in their mind, allowing the brain the freedom to visualize the book, rather than trying to interpret complicated words and structure.
    All I hope is - you find yourself in your work and you write the best way you know how… I have learned so much and I continually learn after every obstacle I have to overcome. There is no doubt you will find problems down the road; just know you’re the only one that can overcome them. You can let problems stop you or let them give you inspiration to become a better writer.
    Best of luck

  3. Thank you Jeff! After I read your post, I went to B&N and downloaded the e-book version of Stephen King's 'On Writing'.

    I live in a small town where there is absolutely no book stores around. The closest library is 25 minutes away, so the e-books through B&N and Amazon work out in my favor.

    I am beginning to write without revising anything. It is much simpler than what I have been doing, and is going much faster. When I start writing, I get lost into that world and the words just come out onto my screen without much thought.

    I will post a little of what I am writing on my blog soon, just as you did. I was worried about doing so, worried that someone might steal it lol.

  4. I just change important names, in the book. That is what’s important. And a few pages posted here and there; good luck stealing that...
    After all if a writers needs to steal to have ideas to write about, that writer probably isn't going to sell anything -- anyway.
    It helps a ton. I posted a few pages to get an idea of what I was doing made sense to a stranger. It will help me grow I am sure of that. But it was hard to put work out there before I had anyone edit it. Or do a final revision of the work.
    Best of luck